Accounts Assistant Jobs in Islamabad

Reporting Function:

The Accounts Assistant will report to Accounts Officer.

Job Description

1.    Maintenance of books of accounts.
2.    Processing of files/payables. The processing of payables include the payments of salaries/payroll/overtime, procurements, traveling invoices, rent payments, advertisements, utility bills, general repair and maintenance invoices, petty nature and other payments etc.
3.    Deduction of applicable taxes from payments as required under the provisions of income tax ordinance 2001.
4.    Preparation and posting of receipt and payment vouchers, filling of vouchers and verification that posting is complete and up to date.
5.    Maintenance of subsidiary ledgers and verification of financial figures appearing in the ledgers and trail balance.
6.    Photocopies of bills, invoices, approvals as an evidence for attachment with receipt and payment vouchers, issuance of cheques and maintenance of files.
7.    Reconciliation of Grant with AGPR on monthly basis and follow up visits to MoITT, Finance Division and AGPR for the release of Grant.
8.    Preparation of cases for remittance of funds to other countries for participation in international exhibitions etc.
9.    Preparation of salary slips of PSDP & R&D Projects staff and dispatch of the same to the staff.
10.  Preparation of employees and party’s tax challans and deposition of the same with the state bank and income tax authorities.
11.  Visits to banks for deposition of cheques and visits to income tax department, MoIT and other department for filling of letters and documents.
12.  Preparation of initial data and information for filling of monthly and annual statements under various sections of the income tax department.
13.  Such other assignments as may be assigned from time to time

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