Career Counselor Multiple Cities, Pakistan

Job Description

We are an Education Consultancy Firm currently looking for a professional career counselor for our Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad offices. Due to the multi-faceted tasks of a professional counselor, you will be required to help students engage in academic and social arenas within the school. Career counselors are an integral part of the academic community focused on supporting children, teachers and other school personnel and parents in realizing the full potential of each child under their stewardship. In order to provide this integral support for our clients, you must be able to demonstrate the following capacities and skillsets:

Possess a degree in English language or English Literature, prior experience of career counseling (preferably within schools) and effective communication skills with a focus on effective spoken and written communication

Practice effective collaboration, coordination, and consultation with management

  1. Interact effectively with the clients and provide guidance about education abroad in line with the direction provided by the management
  2. Undertake day to day duties will involving mentoring current clients and stay in touch with them on a regular basis via phone calls, emails and SMS
  3. Participate actively in any upcoming events in/outside office
  4. Demonstrate initiative and ability and teamwork skills as required
  5. Work as an active team player.
  6. Proofread application material of the students
  7. Guide them with activities outside of classroom curriculum
  8. Mentor students and guide them about potential career path

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