Teacher Jobs in Heavy Industries Taxila Education City, (HITEC) Taxila Cantt

Relevant Experience: 

Masters Degree and B.Ed / M.Ed with 3 to 5 years experience in relevant subject in an English medium environment at Secondary and Higher secondary level.

Core competencies:

  1. The teacher must be competent in their subject of specialization.
  2. Excellent written and oral communication skills
  3. Good presentation skills
  4. Enthusiastic approach about their subject and profession
  5. Outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail
  6. Good background knowledge of Subject
  7. Knowledge about enrichment material
  8. Ability to multi-task and to respond quickly to various requests
  9. Problem Solving  Skills and good Interpersonal skills
  10. Attention to deadlines
  11. Demonstration of creativity, friendliness, and a sense of humor
  12. Proven ability to work well with others; Team Players
  13. Proficiency in Microsoft Office

Task Categories and Responsibilities:

Academic: Teach diligently and faithfully all subjects he or she is required to teach.    Aspects to be kept in mind are:

(a) Teaching

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Evaluation
  • Record keeping
  • Giving feedbacks
  • Diagnosis
  • Remediation
  •  Enrichment

(b) Teaching Methodology and style

  •  Teach outside the traditional subject and grade level confinements
  • Demonstrate a commitment to (differentiating) instruction and a willingness to adapt teaching to as per the need of learning styles of students.
  • Use cooperative group work and constructivist learning as primary instructional approaches
  • Assess student effort and learning through authentic assessment, portfolios as well as standardized tests
  • Collaborate in interdisciplinary planning and team teaching
  • Work closely with families to support the academic, social and emotional growth of students
  • Participate in regular professional development, reflective practice, peer coaching, and professional associations
  • Use technology inside and outside the classroom

(c)  Planning and Management

  • Attend, when required by the Principal or the appropriate superintendent; all meetings relating to school matters.
  • Conduct examinations according to a schedule determined by the Principal /V Principal
  • Maintain Order and Discipline in classes and School
  • To discourage Non-attendance of students; teachers shall cooperate with the Principal in ascertaining the cause of non-attendance of students to classes.
  • To provide for general WellBeing of all students- It shall be the duty of all teachers, to encourage temperance, morality, industry, neatness and promote health and hygiene of all pupils.

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